Fueling Tomorrow complements previous initiatives on hydrogen, methane and biomethane, LNG and bio-LNG, and fossil and synthetic fuels, converging into an innovative platform dedicated to green fuels and innovative new petrol station products and services.

  • HESE: Hydrogen Energy Summit&Expo is the main Italian initiative dedicated to new technologies for production, transport, and storage of hydrogen.
  • CH4 + BIOCH4: the trade fair event dedicated to technologies and systems for gas transportation, distribution, and utilization. Starting from 2023, the BIOCH4 project dedicated to biogas has been launched.
  • Fuels Mobility: the exhibition dedicated to the transformation of mobility in the ecological and energy transition process.
  • ConferenzaGNL: International event that since 2012 has been promoting the use of liquefied natural gas for the energy transition and emission reduction in transport in Italy and the Mediterranean.

These previous initiatives, with their specific experiences and expertise, now converge in Fueling Tomorrow, creating a dynamic stage where innovation marches side by side with tradition, outlining a shared path towards a more sustainable, conscious and responsible energy future.